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E11even Brings GTA VI Shout-Out to Real Life

As a hat tip to the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, E11even flew a banner reading, "When Nine 1 Nine = E11even." When the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI dropped on December 4, the internet quickly got to work picking apart all the Easter eggs that could be found in the 90-second clip. With the next installment set to return to Vice City, the game's in-universe take on Miami and Miami Beach, the South Florida-specific shout-outs also made it enjoyable for anyone with knowledge of the area.

Even Miami nightlife got in the action, with GTA versions of Club Space and E11even quickly flashing on the screen. The latter, however, decided to lean into the video game's satire of its banner ads that are towed by airplanes just off the shores of South Beach to remind tourists of its existence. "Nine1Nine: Why Sixty Nine When You Can Nine 1 Nine," reads the banner in the GTA trailer.

As a hat tip, E11even flew a banner reading, "When Nine 1 Nine = E11even."According to E11even's director of marketing, Eddie Franco, the club flew the banner and came together quickly after the trailer was released. "I got a text message the day the trailer was released saying, 'New GTA trailer dropped, and look what's on it,'" he says. The marketing team got to work on flying a banner as an ode to the trailer's release. "I quickly called the fly-banner company and flew it the next day," he adds.Anyone who has spent time in South Beach knows that these banners are commonplace and have been so for decades.

While many nightclubs use the practice to advertise their venues to beachgoers, nobody does it as prolifically as E11even. "We fly the banners weekly," Franco says. "It's just a staple in beach cities where you have fly banners passing along the message. It's just fun."

When asked if he knows if Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA, perhaps sent employees to scout out locations like E11even for the game, Franco says he doesn't know if for sure Vice City's Nine 1 Nine is meant to be a stand-in for E11even, but he does look forward to playing the game when it's released in 2025.In the meantime, E11even has released a video response to the GTA shout-out, which you can watch below.

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The best restaurants in Downtown Miami

Little more than a decade ago, if you were to ask a Miami local for a Downtown restaurant recommendation, they’d probably have to think a while before remembering some halfway decent Cuban ventanita in the Diamond District. Likely, it closed before dark, when most shop owners pulled down heavy metal shutters and left the entire neighborhood looking abandoned. Now—well, yeah, some sections of Downtown still look that way.

But Downtown has also seen an influx of younger residents recently thanks to a slew of new condo buildings. They’re helping fuel a thriving restaurant and bar scene, with bold chefs and restaurateurs willing to take risks in a part of town that’s been up-and-coming since the Crockett and Tubbs days (that’s a Miami Vice reference, for said younger residents). Our favorite Downtown Miami restaurants these days? There are so many great choices, from Vietnamese to Mexican to Spanish tapas and much more, as you’ll find from our deep list below.

Giselle, the restaurant perched atop the E11even ultra-club, has a theme that feels very much like a trip to Las Vegas, from the spare-no-expense setting to the lavish, truffle-topped dishes and regular “bumps” of caviar. Dishes are well thought out to combine sweet, tart and interesting textures, the product of a chef who knows balance. And then they’re served with elaborate tableside presentations that stay true to the restaurant’s theme: opulence.

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The 2024 Guide To Miami Grand Prix

The 2024 Grand Prix World Championship season is well under way - this year featuring a record 24 races, a record in the sport’s 74-year history. Coming off the past two years of great success in Miami, fans are getting revved up once again for another Miami Grand Prix 3-day weekend extravaganza May 3rd - May 5th in Miami Gardens. The excitement for race week is not only on the track but off as well with amazing events and activations highlighting the best of Miami’s culinary culture, luxury hospitality, and fan-focused experiences.


This 24-hour downtown Miami “ultraclub” is the place to see and be seen any night of the week, boasting unrivaled theatrics, opulence, and service. This year’s Miami Race Week performers include 50 Cent, Afrojack, and soon-to-be-announced A-Listers, along with a collaboration with PLAYBOY. Tickets and tables are available as is an over-the-top Miami Race Week exclusive “Winner’s Circle” Package, priced at $111,000. This exclusive package as well as tickets are available at

Wednesday, May 1 – E11EVEN x PLAYBOY Limited Edition Capsule Collection Release Party featuring DJ/Producer Cedric Gervais and Amémé.

Thursday, May 2 – TBA

Friday, May 3 - 50 Cent

Saturday, May 4 – A$AP Rocky

Sunday, March 5 - Afrojack

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Nicki Minaj Headlines NYE Bash at E11EVEN

Nicki Minaj headlined the New Year's Eve bash held at the nightclub E11EVEN in downtown Miami on Sunday, which was attended by Julia Fox.

The 41-year-old hip-hop icon showcased her curvaceous 5ft2in figure in a black off-the-shoulder mesh catsuit and studded peep-toe booties.

Nicki (born Onika Maraj) served up her signature Barbie style in a crimped platinum-blonde, thigh-length wig featuring a cascading high ponytail coiffed by hairstylist Dionte 'Arrogant Tae' Gray.

Minaj - who gets 59.5M monthly listeners on Spotify - went on at midnight following the live countdown at the 'energetic, neon-lit night spot featuring trapeze dancers, burlesque shows, and DJs.'

The 12-time Grammy nominee had a fully-contoured complexion and she wore extra-long acrylic nails for her mini-concert.

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The Most Important People in Hospitality

The men and women on Observer’s 2023 Dining and Nightlife Power List are believers. They believe in the restorative power of hospitality and the tangible and intangible rewards that come with it. They believe that restaurants and nightclubs make people feel more alive. They are the most important people in the industry, with the greatest influence on the future of hospitality.

Opening a restaurant or a nightclub in 2023 is an act of faith. The hospitality business is facing challenges, including rising costs, staffing issues, unforeseen delays and a world where everything from delivery apps to streaming entertainment make staying home more exciting. Plus, workloads are often high, while margins are often low.

The men and women on Observer’s 2023 Dining and Nightlife Power List are believers. They believe in the restorative power of hospitality and in both the tangible and intangible rewards that come with that. They believe that restaurants and nightclubs can make guests feel more alive. They believe that hospitality can be a platform that leads to multiple venues and multiple revenue streams.

For the people on this list, it’s not enough to have just one restaurant or nightclub. It’s about a financial and cultural impact in multiple neighborhoods or cities (including New York City, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas and Aspen), or it’s about diversifying into products, media, events, technology and other businesses. It’s also about creating an ecosystem that encourages and empowers employees to chase their own hospitality dreams. It’s about the feeling of crushing and drowning every day, about juggling multiple roles and finding ways to thrive or at least survive, so you can do it again the next day and the next and the next.

Dennis DeGori

There’s so much stimuli at this 24-hour Miami nightclub that certain VIP tables are sometimes sold multiple times on big nights, with top spenders happily overwhelmed even if they decide to leave before a headliner enters the DJ booth. After creating E11even, which debuted in 2014, DeGori has gone on to build a multifaceted business with a merchandise arm that sells $1 million in branded caps a year, a vodka line, a record label and other ventures.

This year, DeGori opened glamorous rooftop restaurant Giselle atop E11even, and there’s a forthcoming E11even high-rise hotel/condo development. During this year’s Formula 1 week (when E11even teamed up with Vegas nightclub Zouk on performances from Rick Ross, DJ Snake, Deadmau5, Travis Scott and Tiesto), many guests at prime E11even tables recognized one another because they had all come there directly from Carbone Beach.

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