Travis Scott's 'Utopia' Isn't Even Out Yet & Has a Givenchy Collab

Travis Scott loves his luxury labels. If he isn't wearing them, he's dropping surprise collaborations with them.

Case in point, Travis Scott's new Utopia-themed Givenchy T-shirt, revealed when the rapper's performed at the E11EVEN Miami nightclub mere hours after his Rolling Loud 2023 set.

Worn as part of Scott's suitably sandy, scuffed-looking outfit (very Great Pyramids of him), the Givenchy T-shirt doesn't actually stand out all that much, instead blending into his tan sleeveless hoodie, mesh sweater, and zippered cargo pants.

But if you zoom in, you can see a couple key details: hieroglyphic-style "UTOPIA" text (again, channeling the album's Egyptian theme) and a tiny Givenchy logo, both embossed with 3D embroidery.

Utopia is set to premiere on July 28 so if there was collaborative merch in the works, you could expect it to drop very soon.

However, a Givenchy representative confirmed to Highsnobiety that Travis Scott's Utopia T-shirt is a one-off design, not a collaboration set for wider release.

If Scott were to drop Utopia merch with Givenchy, it'd be the first time that he's actually bringing a luxury partner in for a new album but not his first collaborative merch, not by a long shot.

And, though it wasn't a merch drop, there's also the expansive collection that Scott's Cactus Jack imprint quietly released with Kim Jones' Dior.To name a few: Scott has released Virgil Abloh T-shirts, Dover Street Market-exclusive Astroworld gear, and even a one-off T-shirt for Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

Givenchy and Dior are both owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH so the crossover isn't really stepping on any toes.

Further, Travis Scott has long been friends with Givenchy creative director Matthew M. Williams, and is frequently seen wearing Williams' designs for both Givenchy and 1017 ALYX 9SM, his own luxury label.

All this is to say that it'd be fitting for Scott's Utopia-themed Givenchy T-shirt to lead into a proper merch line of sorts... if only.

Not like typically collab-happy Scott is able to stop himself from teasing the first mysterious Utopia-themed product teased by the collab-happy Scott, either.

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