MIAMI Nightclub E11EVEN Acquires Bored Ape Yacht Club #11 For 99 ETH


  • E11EVEN studied BAYC for some time, and after realizing the common attributes, they bought BAYC for 99 ETH and were pretty excited about the opportunities they would get with this acquisition.
  • E11EVEN started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies back in April and has successfully processed transactions worth $4 million.
  • Miami’s benevolent mayor and local policies are making it a crypto hub for companies and organizations that deal in cryptocurrency.

The company that supports the award-winning nightclub found in the hearts of Downtown Miami, E11EVEN Partners, declared on Monday that it had acquired the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) #11 for $396,000 in Ethereum, i.e., 99 Eth. The well-known Bored-Ape collectors, including Steph Curry, Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone, and many more, will be joined by E11EVEN.


Michael Simkins, the owner of E11EVEN Partners, explained to some news website that they studied the BAYC for a while and noticed the features that matched with E11EVEN, and #11 became their favorite Ape. He further explained that his firm contacted the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) owner through Discord. In the beginning, the owner of NFT was doubtful about selling BAYC, but following a few discussions with ups and downs, they managed to come to a settlement.

The E11EVEN partners include Michael Simkins, Marc Roberts, and Dennis DeGori, who explained said that “E11EVEN has always dedicated itself to being cutting edge and staying ahead of the curve, we have seen tremendous success in the eight months we have accepted cryptocurrency (as a form of payment) and see opportunities like this as a natural transition for the business to continue to expand the brand and our assets. We are thrilled to have Bored Ape #11 as our first NFT acquisition as we continue to grow our footprint in the space.”


Miami is slowly converting into a central hub for businesses and organizations that deal in or with cryptocurrencies, and that’s all because of the benevolent mayor, known as Francis Suarez, and local tax policies which let firms go without completing property taxes for a very long period.

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